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10 Restaurants in Nha Trang with a Relaxed Ambience for the Travelling Foodie

By Iman Athira

10 Restaurants in Nha Trang with a Relaxed Ambience for the Travelling Foodie

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Nha Trang’s reputation as a tourist destination is no secret, known for its stretch of beaches and active nightlife. From exquisite diving sites to historic temples, Nha Trang has a lot to offer, but it can definitely be an overwhelming place for a traveler seeking some down-time.

Here are a few places that you can visit if you are seeking some tranquility away from Nha Trang’s high-energy crowds from beach restaurants to cozy cafes, these places offer a unique dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere.


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Sandals Restaurant

Set in Mia Resort’s iconic sailing club, on Nha Trang’s white sands, Sandals Restaurant offers beachside views and fusion Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Customers can dine at the indoor or outdoor area, as sea views can be enjoyed from both areas. The restaurant’s sleek decor creates a sophisticated ambience that makes this an ideal spot to watch the sunset from. Led by chef Phil Ward from the United Kingdom, expect a mouth-watering dining experience to be complemented by picturesque views.

The Shack

If you are looking to spend the day with uninterrupted sunshine and white sand beneath your feet, then this is the place for you. The Shack sits on Ba Dai Beach, hidden away from the sounds of Nha Trang’s traffic and chatter. The concept is simple as it combines a surf shack, restaurant and bar, with food and drinks priced reasonably. Surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks and jetskis are also available for hire for the adrenaline junkie. Or, you can catch a tan in one of their hammocks, sip on an ice-cold beer or bite into one of their tasty burgers.


“Make great food by keeping it simple and doing it well” is this restaurant’s philosophy. As a restaurant, retail store and creative workspace it is a haven for long-term travelers who are missing the modernities of home, and for locals who are looking to experience something new. Come here in the mornings for a quality cup of coffee or browse through its boutique that carries products from a range of upcoming local designers and artists.

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Here’s one for the meat lovers! Placing serious value on the quality of meat, BOGOSOV imports their meat directly from NZ, Australia and USA for the ultimate experience. However, its menu also features a variety of seafood and vegetarian dishes that are all sourced from the fresh produce of local markets. Whilst it started out as a place to chomp down a juicy steak or burger, BOGOSOV expanded their menu in 2016 to include pizzas and grills. BOGOSOV has quickly risen as one of the best places to dine in Nha Trang as quality is key here, with imported alder kindling for its grills and authentic Italian chef.

Louisiane Brewhouse

Louisiane Brewhouse is best recognised for its selection of hand-crafted beer, collecting specialty malts and hops from countries like Australia and New Zealand. From Pilseners to Red Ales, this Brewhouse has created a choice of ice-cold brews that will appeal to the tastes of any beer enthusiast. Its food menu boasts a diversity of options, from freshly prepared seafood, Japanese, Vietnamese or Western. Furthermore, its convenient beachfront location means basking in spectacular views and cool waters at your fingertips. Other facilities that this establishment offers are watersport rentals, a swimming pool and a massage parlour for guests’ convenience.

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Lanterns Vietnamese Restaurant

Lanterns Restaurant is a special little place tucked in Nha Trang’s city centre, as it provides funding to 12 local schools and orphanages in Nha Trang and its surrounding areas. But it doesn’t stop there. If you are looking to enjoy an authentic Vietnamese meal, this is where you should go. Rated a top choice restaurant by Lonely Planet in 2016 and 2017, this restaurant’s menu includes typical Vietnamese dishes as well as street food specialties, such as ‘chicken in a coconut’ and ‘pineapple boat.’ Its intimate setting also makes it a perfect destination for travelling couples or families.

Sunshine Bar & Restaurant

Sunshine Restaurant is truly a hidden gem of Nha Trang. Situated behind Ponagar Temple, this restaurant is positioned in a quiet, tourist-free area that is a short ride away from the city centre. With its riverside views and fresh air, Sunshine is a favourite amongst Nha Trang’s expat community. The restaurant’s Japanese fusion menu means that you can expect creative variations on the traditional udon and ramen, and hard-to-find drinks like ginger beer.

Alpaca Homestyle Cafe

Breakfast enthusiasts, this is the place for you. Placing an emphasis on Mediterranean flavours, Alpaca’s menu features extensive breakfast options that are also ideal for vegetarians and healthy eaters. Renowned for its cafe-style food and cozy vibes, Alpaca is the perfect destination to beat a rainy day in, with its quirky furniture and inspirational quotes that will make anyone smile.

Story Beach Club

Probably the most luxurious establishment in this list, Story Beach Club has it all. You are easily able to spend a day here as this place is equipped with a bar, restaurant, swimming pool and shopping centre. Their extensive menu consists of food items such as ceviche and cheese platters. Come nighttime, this venue turns into one big party, with live music and a dancefloor in the later hours.

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La Mancha Restaurant

This traditional Spanish restaurant is a rare find in Nha Trang’s food scene. Serving foods such as Jamon Serrano, gazpacho and lobster paella, which is cooked at your table from beginning to end, it’s easy to pretend like you are holidaying in a Spanish coastal town! We all know that the Spanish culture would be incomplete without any dancing, and La Mancha offers dance classes specialising in a number of Latin dances such as bachata, salsa, samba and rumba.

GETTING THERE: AirAsia flies to Nha Trang from Kuala Lumpur. For flight and info fares, visit

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