EXA Outpost: Southeast Asia’s First Ever Hyper-Reality Family Entertainment Center

By Danny Lau

EXA Outpost: Southeast Asia’s First Ever Hyper-Reality Family Entertainment Center

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If you enter Dimension 12 with that attitude then I can guarantee you’ll make it out alive! I drove to Setiawalk in Puchong on a bright sunny day but the establishment was a sharp contrast to that—EXA Global was dark but not in a dodgy kind of way. This perfectly suited the mood of the occasion; I mean I was about to enter an unknown dimension and will probably have to fight my way out.

EXA Outpost has managed to blend fact and fiction together to create a seamless experience known as hyper-reality. The best part is they’ve also managed to bring it to the mass market and Malaysians can be the first in the region to try it out!

The story is pretty straightforward: players are transported to Dimension 12 where you must investigate an incident, which then propels you through various levels of gunslinging action. There’s a short briefing of the dos and don’ts that need to be observed while you’re in Dimension 12. A short video introduces the players to the scenario to get a better understanding of the storyline.

EXA Outpost

And then it’s time to suit up! This involves strapping onto a gaming backpack, a headset with a microphone so you can communicate with your teammates, and of course there’s the gun for you to use. My whole landscape changed as I was transported to an alien environment after putting on the headset. The team definitely did their homework and I am glad to report that there was zero latency and the system was fluid but more importantly I did not experience any form of discomfort. The backpacks are not tethered and players are encouraged to walk around to explore but it can feel a bit cramped at times especially if there are four players and when all hell breaks loose.

And speaking of hell breaking loose, if you’re the type of player who’s trigger happy then this game is for you! The enemy is coming at you from everywhere, left, right and even from the top so you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times, which is what makes the game exciting. There are also upgrades for your gun that include flame throwers and lasers, but be warned as the gun may overheat so choose your target carefully before you pull the trigger.

EXA Outpost

If the producers of this game wanted to simulate a real world environment then they are on the right track. For example, when I got hit by one of those nasty bugs, my vision became blurred and my hearing was muffled. But the company isn’t stopping there as they are planning to produce wearables that provide haptic feedback.

Gamers who have experience with first-person shooters will no doubt feel right at home. However, I can guarantee that there’s nothing like this in the local market currently. Even the console-based virtual reality systems pale in comparison. I tried on one of the systems after returning from Dimension 12 just to see the comparison and I experienced virtual reality sickness, which I had read about it but didn’t experience first-hand until that day. I was playing a race car simulator and felt queasy at first. After 5 minutes I had to stop because I was sweating and I ran to the toilet because I was afraid of getting sick on the floor. The effect lasted a full day. But you don’t have to worry about that with EXA Outpost as I was playing for a good 15 minutes and was ready for more!

EXA Outpost

There’s plenty of potential for EXA Outpost and I am excited to see what they have in store for the public. From the short discussion with the CEO, I got the impression that they are just scratching the surface with virtual reality. They have big plans in terms of expansion of the storyline to physically expanding their presence in Malaysia and also around the region.

So are you brave enough to enter Dimension 12? Head on over to to make a booking and to find out more.

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