What to Expect When the World’s Favourite Secret Dinner Party Returns to Singapore

By Abby Yao

What to Expect When the World’s Favourite Secret Dinner Party Returns to Singapore

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Fancy an elegant soiree under the stars? Come rain or shine, Le Diner en Blanc returns to a secret location for its sixth Singapore edition on May 12.

Dressed in creative all-white ensembles, guests will assemble at various pick-up points with everything they need for a lovely feast – including folding table and chairs, gourmet food and tableware – before being whisked away to the location where live music and surprises fill the night with wonderment.

Guests wave their napkins to signal that dinner has begun.
Le Diner en Blanc – Singapore host Jasmine Tuan decked in white at last year’s event.

Brand consultant Jasmine Tuan, one of the three hosts of the event alongside Chab Events co-founders Alexis D. Lhoyer and Guillaume Chabrieres, explained how Le Diner en Blanc came about: “It all began in Paris in 1988. Francois Pasquier had spent a few years abroad and decided to host a dinner party to reconnect with his friends. He had so many friends to catch up with, so he requested everyone to meet at a large public park and to dress in all-white so they can recognise one another.”

“The evening was such a hit, guests not only wanted to repeat the occasion the following year but also invite more friends. Thus, the concept of Le Diner en Blanc was born.”

Pasquier’s son Aymeric took the concept to Montreal, Canada in 2009 and since then, it has spread to nearly 80 cities in 30 countries. Last year, the Singaporean edition was attended by 1,000 guests, a number that Tuan hopes to double next month.

For the Malaysia-based Singaporean, the event has a special significance.

“Coming back to host Le Diner en Blanc – Singapore felt like a re-enactment of what Francois Pasquier did 30 years ago,” she said.

“I would love to see and catch up with friends in Singapore, also new friends I met in Malaysia, over dinner and wine at such an unusual setting.”

Live music plays throughout the evening.
Musicians jamming under an LED moon.

She recounted a “surreal moment” from last year when she first hosted Le Diner en Blanc.

“I was setting up at the VIF (Very Important Friends) table as guests started arriving. I saw a beautiful sea of white, everyone all set to commence dinner. I literally stood in disbelief that all these are happening. We had such an orderly and fun-loving crowd who made the night magical.”

“And what’s better than to be hosted by two Frenchmen based in Singapore and a Singaporean who’s in love with Paris?” asked Tuan.

“It’s like a mutual, cross-cultural infatuation.”

The three spirited hosts got the crowd on their feet.
There’s no better way to end a secret dinner party than this.

Some guests take months to prepare their immaculate outfits and dinners. Guests can also pre-order from a selection of dinner sets specially prepared by renowned chef Emmanuel Stroobant. Although guests are not allowed to bring their own alcohol due to Singapore regulations, it is available via the e-shop.

Diners must either be invited by a previous guest or sign up here. To learn more about Le Diner en Blanc, visit

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