How to Get AirAsia Flights by Shopping at Your Favourite Online Stores

By AirAsia BIG Loyalty

How to Get AirAsia Flights by Shopping at Your Favourite Online Stores

Online shopping is the relief we need when it comes to buying all you want without the hassle of adding more travelling and exerting effort to an already tiring day of work or study.

If you’re already spending money on portals or online stores of brands such as 11street, Fave, ezbuy, Hermo, Uniqlo, Kinokuniya, why not get more out of your purchases on BIG Loyalty eStore? You can shop from the same brands and more but with the added value of earning BIG Points in return!

For every RM1 you spend, you’ll earn 1 BIG Point. So if your online shopping bill totals RM500, don’t feel guilty because you can expect 500 BIG Points to be in your BIG Member account! With 500 BIG Points, you can already redeem flights to over 120 destinations that AirAsia serves — you can now fly virtually for free!

The earning experience on eStore is seamless and automatic. You don’t have to enter your member ID at checkout, so there’s no stumbling and fumbling for your wallet to find one! Watch the video below to learn how to begin shopping and earning on BIG Loyalty eStore.

Remember these important shopping tips so you don’t lose out on your BIG Points!
1. Avoid clicking on coupon widgets or websites.
2. Always stay in the redirected website until you complete your purchase, no straying away to another tab!
3. When in doubt, always return to to start shopping.

Check out BIG Loyalty eStore to start filling up your shopping carts from the trendiest lifestyle and travel brands online today so you can hop on a plane with BIG Points!

BIG Loyalty eStore is available in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. BIG Points will be credited into your BIG Member account within 45 to 60 days. Not a BIG Member? Sign up now for free.

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