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Valentine Gifts for Your Jetsetter Sweethearts

By AirAsia

Valentine Gifts for Your Jetsetter Sweethearts

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If you’ve been looking for a new way to surprise your better half, how about inside a moving airplane? Valentine’s Day shopping is now easier with AirAsia BIG Duty Free, which offers a wide selection on its catalogue online and onboard. So you can keep the romance alive with a lovely gift at 30,000 feet up in the air!


Valentine Gifts for Your Jetsetter Sweethearts 1

1. The Izzy Wallet

This stylish purse has convenient compartments to store money, cards, as well as her iPhone 7! Best of all, the bronze-coloured glam design can be matched with any outfit, traditional or modern.

2. AirAsia Wonderland Brooches 

Do you call your girl ‘bunny’, ‘fairy’, or ‘strawberry’? This set of studded metal brooches would make for the perfect gift for her! A great embellishment on her outfit, headscarf, or handbag.

3. AirAsia Delightful Duffel

Surprise your shopaholic ladylove with this foldable travel bag that opens up to a lightweight and spaciously constructed duffel to store all her souvenir purchases!

4. Phillips RICH BASS Earphones 

The ultimate companion on a long flight to block out the noise and listen to her favourite One Direction tracks.

5. I-Rene Digital Watch 

A gal that is always on the go needs to keep track of the time so she can be at the yoga studio, hair salon, or the airport on time. She wouldn’t want to be late to catch her flight to Chiang Mai, would she? 


Valentine Gifts for Your Jetsetter Sweethearts 2

1. AirAsia Heritage Rucksack 

A sturdy and handy backpack that will help carry all his travel essentials whilst out and about exploring the lush greens of Sapa, or on a cultural immersion in the deep jungles of Borneo.

2. AirAsia Hotshot Mug 

Nothing starts the morning like a good hot cuppa, right? Because sometimes, words cannot espresso what you both mean to each other.

3. A-Man Digital Watch 

Gift your man this sleek and smart wrist watch with digital display, alarm clock and stopwatch to remind him that there’s always time for a vacation!

4. AirAsia ‘Remove Before Flight’ Keychain 

Uniquely designed keychain that secures all his keys. But most importantly, the key to your heart!


Valentine Gifts for Your Jetsetter Sweethearts 3

1. Tanamera x AirAsia Relaxing Gold Eye Mask

Can be used on the airplane or at the hotel, this cold eye mask with aromatheraphy goodness ensures a comfortable siesta for the globe wanderer.

2. Snug-as-a-bug Hood 

What’s better than a neck pillow? How about an inflatable pillow with a hoodie to ensure blockage of noise and light, as well as keeping the ears warm on the airplane.

3. Lifetrons x AirAsia Digital Colour Luggage Scale 

This lightweight luggage scale features an auto shut down function and an overweight indicator so you can avoid any excess luggage fees!

4. AirAsia Waazu Hand Sanitiser 

It is essential to stay healthy while travelling, especially with this Halal-certified sanitiser solutions that you can bring around conveniently.

5. Ogawa x AirAsia Viva Touch Digital Pulse Massager 

Can’t make it to the spa? You can provide relief for any muscle and joint aches whilst lounging by the beach or waiting for your flight at the airport with this portable and handy massager.

6. AirAsia Double USB Travel Adapter 

There’s no need to argue over whose turn it is to charge their devices with this dual-USB universal power adapter.


To shop, simply refer to the catalogue in the seat pocket when you fly with AirAsia or pre-book online on and collect the products on board for added convenience.

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