Women Who Travel Together Jive Together: 10 Reasons Why

By Irvin Hanni

Women Who Travel Together Jive Together: 10 Reasons Why

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Ladies… do you notice that we seem to laugh more, talk more, and simply have a pure blast when it’s just us girls?

Travelling is fun. That makes travelling with your girl friends double the fun! Either you go on a short trip for a concert or shopping spree, bounce back from a breakup, or embark on a Thelma & Louise-like adventure sans the killing-a-man part, there’s just so much that you can gain from it.

Me with my trusted and verified travelling partner in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Here’s why going on an all-girls trip would be an experience of a lifetime:

1. Sharing dreams and ideas

The first step in any trip planning: where to go? As friends, you’re most likely already on the same wavelength in terms of interests and style. Check out the clues hidden in your daily lives. Do you frequent Japanese restaurants on your weekend outings? Do you both enjoy reading fascinating history articles? Do you sing along to the same rock songs when driving? Go for it, book the flights, and make that trip happen!

Japan’s second largest city, Osaka, is the ultimate foodie heaven – we feasted on steaming hot udon, big fat salmon sashimi and melt-in-your-mouth kobe beef, to name a few!
2. Embracing cultures

One of the most fulfilling things about travelling is setting foot on a foreign land and experiencing the different languages, cuisine, and heritage. Culture-rich destinations like Japan or India have a tendency to pull you in. Since women are naturally emphatic, chances are you will rock it together.

Your boyfriend may not care about sporting a yukata (Japanese summer kimono), but your best girl totally gets the fun factor in playing dress up.
3. Exploring off the beaten paths

Here’s a fantastic African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Enthusiasm and confidence are contagious. If you’re game to seek a path less traversed, rest assured your friend will be, too.

Feeling like Lara Croft sans the ancient conspiracy theories with this beautiful old tree at a secluded section of Angkor Wat Archaeological Park.
4. Trying out new stuff

Get you out of your comfort zone! Perhaps there are things you’ve been itching to try like swimming with tiger sharks in Sipadan or climbing the 383m-tall Macau Tower. Good thing is, you already have the world’s best cheerleader with some sassy yet encouraging one-liners to push your forward.

It only took us the first time trying out golfing in Bali to find out that we’re not particularly good at it.
5. Transforming setbacks into amusements

Being stuck in a long bus ride with loud people, reaching an attraction only to find the gates closing in front of your eyes – these setbacks can be a prime ingredient in spoiling your entire vacation. But once you accept the seemingly unfortunate fact, you can turn it into an opportunity to do something fun. Speak loudly in your native language to drown out the the loud crowd, or walk around the closed attraction and see what kind of shops or local hangouts there are to explore.

Rain or shine, the Osaka Castle is a true beauty.
6. Licence to be silly

You know how all worldly problems seem to momentarily vanish when you’re LOLing at stupid antics together at home? When you’re on vacation, the experience is amplified by the hundreds, enhanced by reasons like language barriers and encounters with things that are not considered as a norm in your country. All these shenanigans will lead to funny moments that you can laugh together right then and also when you look back at the pictures years later.

Sharing is caring but not on this boat.
7. Being each other’s best photographer

A lot of people have a certain preference and standards when it comes to taking pictures – photography is, after all, a subjective matter. You probably wouldn’t ask the same stranger to take your photo again if it happens to be off-centre, or your male friends may get annoyed at repeated requests. But ladies know that Instagram travel pics is a serious game, and will make sure that you’ll shine like a superstar.

When there’s no one around to help take your pic together, the guest house’s crafty décor can also do the job.
8. Overcoming challenges like a pro

No trip is memorable without hiccups. You may find it difficult to navigate through Bangkok’s notorious rush hour traffic, but together you can look for a brilliant solution such as hopping on a motorcycle taxi to get to your concert venue on time.

We were looking forward to this BBQ dinner under the stars, only to be bombarded by billowing smoke from the bonfire making it impossible to open our eyes, much less have a consistent conversation throughout the night. With tears streaming down our cheeks we savoured our grilled lamb and prawns with a delicate mixture of acceptance and grace.
9. Getting creative in passing time

Travel generally involves a lot of waiting – for the doors of Universal Studios Singapore to open, queuing up for Japan’s popular Pablo’s cheesecake, or boarding the flight home. Oftentimes there would be no Wi-Fi to browse Facebook and this is when creativity flows. People-watching is especially enjoyable during these times, or you can invent games with your friend like ‘memorise the menu’ or ‘spot the guy with a Beer Bintang shirt’.

Singapore’s Changi Airport is truly deserving its accolade as one of the best airports in the world. Fantastic facilities aside, we enjoyed the interactive games at Terminal 3’s The Social Tree.
10. Understanding the importance of #treatyoself

If there’s one thing that women are good at, it is to take a break and give our mind, body and soul the much-needed pampering session. Shopping for a cute dress in Bangkok or savouring a bowl of Pho in Vietnam may help reduce our stress levels, but what ultimately works best is a good few hours at the spa. Nothing like an aromatherapy massage topped with matching mani and pedi to set us off feeling like a million bucks!

At Sofitel Singapore Sentosa, there is even a ladies-only section for all your pampering needs!


GETTING THERE: AirAsia flies to Osaka from Kuala Lumpur. For low fares and flight info, visit

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