Your Ultimate Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide

You might want to bookmark this article for your next beach holiday plans, as the beautiful Lang Tengah Island beckons your visit!

For most people, the combination of pristine golden sands, turquoise blue waters, and swaying palm trees is a no-brainer recipe for paradise. If you are most people, allow me to introduce you to Lang Tengah Island! The name Lang came from helang, which means eagle, while Tengah translates to middle. This ‘Eagle in the Middle’ is nestled in between the more popular Redang and Perhentian islands, located off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
All-natural infinity pool

How to get to Lang Tengah Island

Step 1: by air

Grab your cheap fares via and fly to Kuala Terengganu Airport from Kuala Lumpur. Journey takes about 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 2: by land

Once you’ve landed and sorted out your baggage, make your way to the taxi station on the ground floor of the airport. Get a prepaid taxi coupon to Merang Jetty which costs RM55 one way. Be careful not to be mistaken with Marang Jetty, which has boats going to Redang Island. Journey takes about 40 minutes.

Step 3: by sea

All resorts in Lang Tengah have boat transfers if you want to book through them, but for free and easy travellers you can look for Ameen Boat Services at the jetty, which offers four boat rides to Lang Tengah at 8am, 10am, 1pm, and 4pm. Fare is RM80 per way but if you’re a volunteer for the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch project, remember to mention it to the operator and there’ll be a pretty good discount for you! The speed boat ride takes about 40 minutes, after which you will reach this island paradise.

Your Ultimate Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
Welcome to paradise!

How to get around on Lang Tengah Island

There are no roads or motorised transportation on Lang Tengah. Naturally, the best way to get around is by foot and it doesn’t take long to get around the whole island. It can easily be done within a day, inclusive of lounging by the beach when you feel like it! To get from Summer Bay to Lang Sari Beach takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and another 15 to 20 minutes to the D’Coconut Lagoon resort on the east side. Just a little bit of hiking will get you to Turtle Bay where Lang Tengah Turtle Watch is based, and with a short five-minute hike you will reach the stunning Batu Kuching, a wonderful spot for cliff jumping.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
Hand-drawn map of Lang Tengah

Alternatively, you can also snorkel from one beach to another, depending on your swimming ability. It’s advisable to do it in a group to be safe. Last but not least, kayak! An absolutely fun way to explore around the island via the sea.

Where to stay on Lang Tengah Island

  • Sari Pacifica Lang Tengah Resort & Spa

The fanciest amongst them all. The resort has 39 wooden villas modelled after traditional kampung (village) houses. When you are not enjoying the beachfront access, a dip in the pool or a massage at the Sari Dewi Spa doesn’t sound all that bad, do they? Rates start from RM500.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
  • Summer Bay Resort Lang Island

One of the busiest on the island, the resort offers all-inclusive 3D2N packages with various room types including Garden View, Deluxe Pool View, Deluxe Pool Access, and Deluxe Pool Family. Facilities include a swimming pool, a mini mart, and a meeting room for team building activities. Rates start from RM488.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
  • D’Coconut Lagoon

A good choice if you want more quietude on top of Lang Tengah’s already blissful vibe. The resort is divided into two sections, east and west, so you might want to choose your room accordingly. More life seems to be happening down at the east wing, while west wing is a little bit more serene and has a more refined beach. Rates start from RM190.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide

Fancy a different beat for a good cause? You can volunteer here and and live at a charming campsite in the jungle, with the tranquil Turtle Bay just a few steps away! Days are filled with fun island experiences with other volunteers, while nights are spent patrolling the beaches to protect nesting turtles. Volunteering fee for a whole week is MYR1000 (2 weeks) or MYR1950 (4 weeks) for Malaysians and GBP440 (2 weeks) or GBP660 (4 weeks) for other nationalities. More discount applies for longer stays.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide

Where to eat on Lang Tengah Island

All resorts have restaurants that serve local and western fares. You might opt to eat at your resort or check out this nifty little shack with small huts overlooking the sea at Lang Sari Beach. Dewati’s restaurant opens from morning to midnight, offering standard fare such as fried rice or noodles. Here’s an insider’s tip: they have special Happy Hour promo for a fried noodles and Coke combo for only RM6 from 6pm to 9pm daily.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
Night time at Dewati’s restaurant

If you want a little bit of nightlife, head down to Summer Bay Resort’s Sunset Bar which is a pretty cool place to get trashed. Just kidding, Lang Tengah is a very chill island. If you’re hungry for some supper, the beachfront Mamak restaurant (not to be confused with your typical mamak restaurant, it’s just their name) has awesome keropok lekor (fish fritters) to munch on.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
Sunset watch at Summer Bay

What to do on Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah is pretty much sunny and gorgeous during the day. It is against the law to not swim in the crystal clear waters. Okay maybe that is not true, but it is definitely good for the soul to at least dip your feet into it. Being a cute island with fewer tourists than most, it is not uncommon to get a section of the beach or even the whole beach to yourself. If you’re into meditation, yoga, or tai chi, the tranquil atmosphere here is simply perfect. A fool-proof plan is to just plop yourself on a sunbed, a swing, a beach mat on the sands, or whichever way that tickles your fancy, and work on that fabulous beach tan.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
Baby sharks swimming around the jetty

Cool news for underwater enthusiasts! Some of the best snorkelling spots are just a short swim away from the shores. The rocky parts along Summer Bay is where a lot of fishes including barracuda, trigger fish, and gorgeous schools of anchovies like to wander around. You can easily say hello to the baby sharks swimming around the wooden jetty in front of Sari Pacifica, while amazing corals can be seen in Karang Nibong. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Head to Lang Sari Beach where the magnificent big sharks are likely to be seen swimming about 40 to 50 metres away from the beach. For diving, the island has 13 great underwater spots including Karang Bahar, Terumbu Kuning, and Goby Garden.

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
Kayaking around the island

You can also rent a kayak for a cool hop on and hop off visiting the island’s beaches. Want to get away from the sea? Go for some jungle trekking and make your way to Batu Kuching, which is an absolute prime spot for sunrise. Best to arrive here at 6.20am to see the sky slowly burning with red vista. Aside from sunrise, you can also jump off the cliff into the glistening clear waters. The height is about five metres, and the experience is totally priceless!

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
Dare you to jump! 😉

To bid goodbye to the sun for the day, just find yourself a comfy spot anywhere on Summer Bay and watch as the sun slowly descends, creating a stunning canvas up in the skies.

Best time to visit Lang Tengah Island

The best time for your holiday in Lang Tengah is between March and October. The island closes shop during the east Malaysia monsoon season of November until February.

As far as islands go, this bite-sized beauty is blessed with tranquility and yet there’s never a dull moment here. Best to come and experience its quirks and charms for yourself. 🙂

Lang Tengah Island Travel Guide
Sunny day at Turtle Bay

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